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Teenagers at Club Med

Depending on the Resort, Club Med offers teenagers to a exclusive, innovative space designed especially for them by Sophie Jacqmin - or a Junior' Club Med, a Club Med classic. Whether teenagers choose to take part in the activities or just to come along and spend time with their friends for the fun, our GOs propose but don't impose the perfect recipe for a great vacation. From ages 11 to under 18.

Activities at Juniors' Club Med

The Juniors Club Med is the area where teenagers can meet together during their stay. For truly energetic youngsters, the GO’s offer a wide range of different sports from one Resort to another: There are sporting challenges, group or individual sports like wakeboarding & flying trapeze, & there are always free slots where they can enjoy being "busy doing nothing".

Club Med Passworld

Designed by Sophie Jacqmin, the Club Med Passworld areas are especially designed for teenagers, that offer innovative high tech equipment. Trained GOs propose artistic and creative activities such as video and cinema techniques. Teenagers can use them in the free spirit that's essential for this age group, to get together and explore new avenues, at their own pace.