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La Caravelle, Guadalupe Caribbean


Guadeloupe Offers An Island Paradise To You!

For those hoping to experience a Caribbean vacation and an island paradise, Guadeloupe Offers An Island Paradise To You!


La Caravelle is a perfect choice. The resort is situated on one of the most beautiful golden sand beaches on the island. Two types of rooms are offered. Club Rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, floors that include views of the gardens. Suites are roomy & elegant & most come with ocean views.

Family Friendly Paradise

Not all resorts are for kids, but at La Caravelle your entire family can enjoy the island paradise. There are numerous programs set up and supervised by staff to provide the best experience for anyone, and it lets parents have fun while their kids are cared for. Plus, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, and Junior’s Club Med all have activities set up for kids depending on their age group. Everyone gets to have fun here. Kids two and up qualify to participate in these programs.

Sports & Activities

Experience Paradise! There is an abundance of activities here, and no matter what you’re interested in you will likely be able to find something to experience. Some of the activities the resort offers includes:

  • Windsurfing in the Caribbean Sea, with full instruction available
  • Try out a flying trapeze with the help of an instructor
  • Tennis and lessons from a tennis instructor
  • Scuba diving in a Caribbean reef
  • Golf in one of the most beautiful locations in the world
  • Kitesurfing and kitesurfing instruction

Also: Snorkeling, Cardio Classes, Stretching Classes, Fitness School, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Weight Room, Kayak, Paddle Board, Bocce Ball, Table Tennis, Pilates, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Kayaking, Swimming Pool, Lounge and Festive Evenings.
* Additional Fees for: On site : Kayak in the Mangrove , Golf , Canyoning , Snorkeling (Off site) , Scuba Diving (Off site) Swimming classes all levels : Surf , Kitesurf.
* Additional Fees for: Specific Children’s Leisure Activities Clean Art Planet at Mini Club Med®, Happy Nature Box at Mini Club Med®, Petit Circus, Petit Tennis, Swimming lessons.

Restaurants & Bars

Dine Like Royalty! From “The Hibiscus” to “Biguine”, you have perfect dining options available for you.  You’ll get fine cuisine, international fare, and buffet options. Combine that with relaxing bars located near the pool or on the beach, and you have the opportunity to wine and dine yourself like never before. Gourmet dining and premium beverages: a variety of dining options are at your fingertips for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any time in between. Quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks* are included.
* Except for Champagne, VSOP and XO spirits, some premium brands, wine list, canned and/or bottled drinks and mini-bar, which are at an extra charge.
Your Package includes: Return flights and transfers to and from the Resort.


Aromas and Creol Treasures (1/2 Day)

This is the heart of Guadalupe, Old Town and of its bright boulevards, walk around the business which floods with flavors, vegetables, products of the soil. Taste the best punches in the Madras rum refinery. Enjoy the the nearby shops.

Canoeing/Kayaking (1/2 Day)

Joined by a qualified aide, investigate the abundance of widely varied vegetation in this remarkable nature's turf: the mangrove overwhelm, the grandest tidal pond in the Lesser Antilles.

Fascinating Marie Galante (1 Day)

For mates of cruising, the ocean and unspoilt islands. Lunch on the catamaran in the wake of intersection the area with its wonderful Creole cabins. Visit to a family-run refinery and rum tasting, visit to Habitation Murat and perspective of the"gueule amazing gouffre".
Transport: Catamaran
Transfer: 2 hours

Grande-Terre by Jeep (1/2 Day)

Enjoy a guided tour of the East part of the island & the distance to the "Pointe des Chateaux", sugar stick ranches, a differed society and amazing brilliant sandy vacation spots! Photograph stop before the pioneer house"zevallos" and visit the Damoiseau rumerie.

North of Basse-Terre by Jeep (1 day)

Guided tour of the back-nation in a 4 x 4: Pineapple, banana and sugar stick plantations. Revel in the different sorts of apples and oranges. Creole lunch on the shore of an extremely lovely vacation spot. Short stroll in the downpour woods of North Basse-Terre.

Personalized Jeep

A day or half-day in a chauffeur-driven 4 by 4 to the destination of your choice. Our drivers' enthusiasm and knowledge makes it possible to visit the most unusual and little-known sites.

Scuba Diving

Whatever is your level, training or first dives. Enjoy & dive into the amazing beautiful locations. Inscription at the Discovery Center.

The Beauty of Les Saintes (1 day)

Dock at Terre-de-Haut, in the lovely cove in the Antilles! Anglers, brilliant houses, astounding populace, visit Fort Napoleon, the outlandish enclosure (watch the iguanas), surrounding perspective of the inlet. Mixed drinks on the beach front confronting the “pain de Sucre” (Sugarloaf mountain), neighborhood lunch. Swim and unwind.

Wave Runner Outing

Ride to the opening of the stream at Pointe à Pitre, ceasing at Islet Gosier for a swim. NEW: Hike of 3 hours to find the mangrove of the salted waterway.

Easy Access

This resort isn’t open for sales during September, but the rest of the year is available for you and your family. Slower months run from October to December, but any time is perfect for visiting and enjoying the sun and surf. It’s also easy to access the resort. Transport packages get you here without any additional hassles, and you can book them without worry. Or you can set up your own travel plans, using the Pointe a Pitre airport about 16 miles from the resort. No matter how you get here, you’ll find that it’s a paradise you’ll never want to leave.